It can be daunting when you discover that a utility, or utilities, need to be relocated due to your planned works. You may ask, ‘who do I call?’, ‘what is the process?’, or ‘how long will this take’? One of the most common things we see, is that a utility clash is not picked up early in the planning phase of a project, and this can create very long delays due to utility owners busy schedules and therefore not being able to complete construction for sometimes months after the initial request.

How can Absolute Utilities help?

We can contact the utility owner on your behalf in the early planning stage of your project, work with you on preliminary relocation designs, and manage the relocation of the utility to completion. There are many factors to consider during this process, like accurate location of the relocated utility against the design, or construction timing, site readiness, and specific site requirements.

We will work with you and the utility owner to ensure the best outcome for both, and at the best price, so you can just focus on your project.

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